Gramercy Review is open year-round for submissions. Online issues are published quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

Scroll down for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Submit up to 3 poems of any style or form in one Word document.

In fiction, we welcome short stories, flash fiction or short-shorts. If you have a novel or book-length work, please make an excerpt of a section that stands well by itself.

We also welcome works in translation. Translations are welcome with permission of original author, or for works in the public domain.

If flash fiction or short-shorts, you may submit up to 3 pieces at once. Place all your work in one document.

We do not publish genre fiction such as mystery, crime, science fiction, fantasy, romance.

In creative nonfiction, we welcome a wide range of work from traditional essays to experimental subjects and forms: creative non-fiction, memoir, biography, autobiography, etc. We look for pieces that grip us and tell a compelling story.

For all prose, if you have a novel or book-length work, please make an excerpt of a section that stands well by itself.

We do not consider academic papers that are limited to a particular audience or that are footnoted/in-text referenced.

If you have a submission still in the queue when one of our quarterly issues is published, assume it remains in consideration for a future issue.

We are happy to read simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw your Gramercy Review submission.

At this time, Gramercy Review is unable to pay contributors.

We do not consider work that has been previously published.

We do not consider work that has been inspired by or generated with AI. By submitting to Gramercy Review, you acknowledge that the work is your own and is not derived by AI.

We are not able to consider work sent to us through postal mail or email.

As typical with literary magazines, upon confirmed acceptance of your work, Gramercy Review acquires first serial publication rights. Copyright is asserted on behalf of the author, and all reprint rights revert to the author upon publication. We ask that if your piece is published in an anthology or collection, you indicate that it was first published in Gramercy Review.


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