Category: Fiction

  • Christmas Eve, 1979

    Christmas Eve, 1979

    The aunts have been drinking. Their highball glasses are ringed with Cherries in the Snow. Their lips come toward you, to kiss you on yours. They smell like Emeraude or Timeless. Their clip-on bell earrings tinkle when they laugh, and their hose makes a swish-swish sound when they walk. They help you up to a barstool and fill your glass…

  • Affection Tree

    Affection Tree

    Ambulance lights painted the sidewalk. “Just tell me what you can, okay? Take your time.” “Can I call his mother?” I asked. The moon looked like a heart with clouds around it. “No. We don’t advise that.” He grimaced at the moon. “I mean, next thing you know we have her driving over here all…

  • Inside


    It’s a family that lives in a sprawling suburb of Los Angeles. It’s a daughter who cannot stop listening to 1960s Brit-rock from a world that existed before she was conceived. She feels at a loss for the post-pandemic-tiktok-algorithm-AI society that grows on every side of her–deep purple hedges choking out the sunshine. She does…